Lentil, quinoa, spinach, with roasted vegetables !

Lately I have been doing lots of yoga, I am starting to fall in love with it quite a lot! It does wonders to my body and really helps me with my work related stress… Do you do yoga? For how long now? I have been doing it on and off for 1 year, but just nowI try to go to 4 classes a week 🙂

And I have been trying to eat more vegan too! I love dishes without meat 🙂

Another #vegan meal, lentils and quinoa (soaked during the night) with spinach and roasted veggies ( sweet potatoes, red peppers and courgette) sooo tasty! ❤

Mais uma refeiçao vegan, lentilhas e quinoa (demolhadas durante a noite) com espinafres e vegetais no forno ( batata doce, pimento vermelhoe courgette), muito saboroso!