Open omelette with greens, walnuts and baked potatoes / Omelete aberta com grelos, nozes e batatas

Simple an OMG so delicious! It’s a good way to clean your fridge too just before you go to do your next food shopping. This is a open omelette done with 2 eggs, some leftover greens that I had cooked the day before and some baked potatoes cut in really tiny pieces and a handful of broken walnut pieces. First warm the greens and potatoes on the pan, after add the beaten eggs (already with salt and pepper) and nuts and try to incorporate all the greens and potatoes within the egg. Let it cook for 2 to 3 minutes and serve with some bread ❤


Este prato é super simples e delicioso, ótimo para acabar com as sobras que temos no frigorífico 🙂 Para fazer esta omelete usei 2 ovos bem batidos com sal e pimenta, “verdes” que tinha pronto no frigorífico (pode ser qualquer tipo de couves, espinafres, estes eram mais tipo grelos), uma mão cheia de nozes partidas e batatas assadas cortadas aos cubinhos (que tambem ja tinha pronto). Aquecer os grelos e as batatas numa frigideira anti aderente durante uns 3 minutos e depois adicionar os ovos ja batidos e as nozes e deixar cozinhar até o ovo ficar com a consistência desejada. Servir com uma fatia de pão de cereais. Bom apetite !

Lots of love,

Sandrina xx


Back with vegetarian pasta dishes and some life updates, Yoga related!

Hello! I know it has been sooo long, but I have a good excuse this time! I trained to become a Yoga teacher and started working straight away 😀 I feel so blessed with the opportunities i have been given here in Italy..

Besides my teaching time in the beach during all summer I was working 3 days a week in my other half parents restaurant, so that took a lot of my time too, and it was exhausting.

We had a proper summer 3 months of sunny 35 degrees, actually i couldn’t take it anymore, after living so many years in London it will take awhile to get use to . As I was alone most part of the summer I really couldn’t justify cooking fancy food, or cook at all…I mainly ate salad from my garden, eggs, cheese, fruit and all the veggies you can eat raw 😉 It was quite healthy and refreshing actually.

But now I’m settling back in my routine and actually did a proper planner of my days, so they don’t go idle (watching series and instagram eheh) and I am back into the kitchen, when I a not practicing Yoga or teaching classes ( I still don’t have that many, but hopefully they will increase) or studying (which I tend to do a lot).

So I decided to pack a few pasta dishes, some vegan and some vegetarian, they are mainly for inspiration as they are very simple and quick to make, so we cannot use the excuse that healthy recipes take long time or are hard work. And pasta is healthy, just eat in moderation, with really good fresh ingredients and you are ready to go, and if you _really_ want swap regular pasta for wholewheat or quinoa or brown rice pasta, I don’t as I eat very once in awhile, may 3 times a month, as I am a rice kind of girl 😉

Enough of blah blah and let’s look at this delicious dishes, if I may say :


This is a really easy fresh pasta dish (which you just boil for 3 to 4 minutes) Mixed with a simple sauce of white beans, cherry tomatoes, good quality olive oil and some parsley ❤ Delicious and super healthy and quick, Can be done under 15 minutes.


This is the old school Pasta with Peas that is part of Italian tradition, I added some carrots because I had one laying around, the original is without but I love my veggies and I think it gave a nice sweetness to the dish. This is a one pot dish, so even better, it takes around 20m beginning to end. Fry onion and garlic in olive oil until soft and add fresh chilies to taste, add the carrot chopped as small as you can so it cooks really fast and let it be here for 5 minutes, add a touch of white wine (optional, but if used wait a couple of minutes before adding another ingredient). Add the peas, stir for another 2 minutes and add half a cup of tomato sauce (passata, good quality). If you would like add half an organic vegetable stock cube and some black pepper. Add boiling water to this mixture, enough water to cook the pasta and have some sauce left. You can add little by little too if you are not sure. Season with sea salt, and serve as soon as the pasta is ready ( to 10 minutes).

Hope all is well, and get used to see me often now! Have a lovely day/night depending on wherever in the world you are ❤

Vegan mushroom bolognese sauce / Molho bolonhesa com cogumelos e sem carne

Quick tip : Change the meat for mushrooms and make a delicious bolognese sauce <3Just clean the mushrooms and put them in a food processor and it’s done. Cook your sauce as you would normally #‎vegan‬ and so delicious,! Mix it with pasta or serve on top of rice/bulgur/quinoa…

ideia rapida e saudavel de hoje, que tal trocar a carne picada por cogumelos picados no molho de bolonhesa? 😉 E’ so colocar os cogumelos na trituradora e fazer igualzinho ao que costumam fazer, fica maravilhoso. Uma opçao vegana que ninguem se vai importar! Servir misturado com massa, ou em cima de arroz, quinoa ou bulgur. Bom apetite 🙂


Curried Bulgur and Mediterranean Bulgur / Bulgur com caril e Bulgur ao estilo mediterranico

I have to say I forgot about Bulgur wheat, until my dear friend Sandra made it when I was visiting a couple of weeks ago, since I came back I already cooked it twice, the curried bulgur it’s her recipe (I didn’t really ask so some things might be mixing 😉. I also made Mediterranean style bulgur, they are both very delicious indeed., they may look similar, but believe me, they taste very different! 🙂

For the bulgur use the rice technique : 1 bulgur for 2 water. Fry some onion and garlic in olive oil and add the bulgur salt and water and let it cook for 30 in low heat plus leave the lid on for a further 5 to 10m or until fluffy.

Choose your veggies of choice and chop them finely I used carrots, red peppers and zucchini and peas (just for the 1st). For the 1st recipe you fry the veggies with olive oil, onion and garlic, tomato passata ,paprika, chili and curry powder until soft. When all is mixed add some feta on top.
For the Mediterranean add the veggies plus some parsley and chopped sun dried tomatoes and fry in olive oil onion and garlic until soft. To spice it up I added chili oil (very hot) and a lot of fennel seeds.Mix the Bulgur with the veggies.I added some rucula, soft greens, linseed and sunflower seeds. ❤

P.S. Finally found an amazing restaurant with a vegan buffet, I’m seriously in love! If you live in Italy it’s in Rimini and it is called Bio’s Kitchen


Ja me tinha esquecido o quanto eu adoro bulgur! A minha querida amiga Sandra lembrou-me e ja fiz 2 receitas esta semana. A de Caril é dela e fiz tambem uma receita ao estilo mediterranico.

Para fazer a bulgur, fazer como se estivessem a fazer arroz, ou seja por cada medida de bulgur usar 2 de agua. Eu gosto de fritar cebola e alho em azeite e depois colocar a bulgur, agua e sal e deixar cozinhar com tampa durante 20 a 30m, depende da bulgur e depois com o fogo apagado mas com a tampa deixar absorver o resto da agua, durante mais uns 10m .

Escolher os vegetais : eu usei cenouras, pimentos vermelhos, courgette e ervilhas (so para a primeira), cortar bem fininhos e fritar em azeite, alho e cebola. Para a 1a receita os temperos sao sal, paprika, pò de caril , malagueta e polpa de tomate. Quando os legumes estiverem cozinhados, mas nao demais, misturar bem com a Bulgur e adicionar queijo feta.
Os temperos da 2a receita sao malaguetas picadas (usar bastante, sal, pimenta e muitas sementes de erva-doce, adicionar tambem se possivel tomates secos ao sol cortados aos bocadinhos (ou fresco se nao houver) e bastante salsa. Quando pronto misturar com a Bulgur e adicionar sementes de girassol, de linhaça, e agriao e rucula, servir quente ou frio, otimo para marmitas tambem! Embora tenham um aspecto parecido o sabor é completamente diferente e podem usar os vegetais que desejarem. Bom apetite x


Shakshuka or Moroccan baked eggs / Ovos escalfados num molho de tomate picante receita marroqina

Today we had Shakshuka or Moroccan baked eggs, it was absolutely delicious!! This is an Ottolenghi recipe, and as you know he is amazing. My version serves only 2, and I reduced oil and sugar quantities, otherwise is more or less the same. We served it with polenta but you can serve with crusty bread too


A receita de hoje e’ de um chef bastante famoso no Uk chamado Ottolenghi. E’ uma receita marroquina de ovos escalfados num molho de tomate picante. Podem seguir a receita do link em ingles ou ver aqui a traduçao, eu sò diminui a quantidade de oleo e açucar, mas de resto é igual :


4 tomates grandes maduros ou uma lata de tomate pelado
2 pimentos
pimenta cayenne
açafrao ou açafrao das indias
louro,timo, salsa
sal, pimenta preta, malagueta
açucar castanho (1 CS)

Fritar as sementes de cominhos sem oleo passado 2 minutos, adicionar o azeite a cebola, as ervas, o açucar e o açafrao. Quando estiver com uma cor bem dourada, adicionar os pimentos e deixar fritarpor 10 minutos. Adicionar os tomates e o sal, pimentas, chilies, o que quiserem para ficar bem saboroso. Ir adicionando agua à medida que for necessario para manter o molho aguado e nao demasiado seco. Deixar cozinhar durante 10 a 15 m, depois adicionar os ovos e tapar. Cozinhar durante 15 m ou até os ovos estiverem bem cozinhados. Servir com pao Rustico tipo broa ou polenta, salada. Bom apetite! 🙂


Easy peasy veggie tart / Tarte de vegetais super facil


Easy peasy pie :
Sorry I have been a bit lazy the last couple of weeks, but here it is an easy and delicious pie for you! The pastry is a shop bought one, just buy one without a lot of bad things.. In a pan fry finely chopped 3carrots, 200grs of mushrooms,1/2a leek and garlic(and some salt and pepper and herbs) with olive oil until tender. Beat 3 eggs with half a cup of water and 1 full tablespoon of tapioca starch (potato should work too) and some seasoning, add the cooked veggies and mix well. If you wish grate a tiny bit of Parmigiano cheese on top.Bake at 190C for 40m or until set and golden brown


Tarte de vegetais sem super facil:
Comprar uma massa para fazer tortas tipo quiche (ou façam voces mesmos se tiverem tempo) 😉 de boa qualidade. Numa frigideira colocar azeite, 2dentes de alho, 1/2 alho frances, 200grs de cogumelos frescos e 3 cenouras cortados bem fininhos, sal e pimenta e deixar cozinhar ate começarem a ficar moles.Numa taça bater 3 ovos com meia taça de agua e 1 colher de sopa bem cheia de tapioca ou maizena, adicionar sal e peimenta a gosto. Colocar os vegetais junto com os ovos e mexer bem e colocar dentro da massa. Se desesjarem podem ralar um bocadinho de queijo tipo o Parmigiano por cima. Que previamente foi colocada na forma ja levemente untada. Assar a 190C durante 40m ou ate ficar dourada por fora e o recheio estiver cozido. Bom apetite 🙂


Chickpeas and chocolate cookies, amazing! #GF / Bolachinhas de grao de bico e chocolate ;)

Amazing chickpeas chocolate cookies! I promise you won’t even notice 😉 #glutenfree #grainfree

240grs of chickpeas (a can,drained and rinsed)
1.5 Tablespoons of peanut butter
2 tablespoons of maple syrup + 2 tablespoons of raw sugar (or use just one)
2 tablespoons of ricotta (or 40grs of yogurt)
70grs of almond meal
60 grs of dark chocolate in pieces

Mix everything (except the chocolate) in the food processor until smooth, add the chocolate pieces. Bake for 15 to 20m at 190C. It will be a bit soft when baked. Let it cook completely before eating. Enjoy!

chickpeas cookies


Bolachas feitas com grao de bico e chocolate, sao deliciosas e juro que nao se sente o sabor. Estas bolachas nao contem gluten.

240grs de grao cozido e bem lavado
1.5 colheres de sopa de manteiga de amendoim
4 colheres de sopa de adoçante (usei 2 de açucar cru nao refinado e 2 de xarope de acer)
2 colheres de sopa de queijo fresco, usei ricotta, mas tambem podem usar 40grs de yogurte natural
60grs de chocolate preto aos pedacinhos
70grs de farinha de amendoas ( se tiverem uma trituradora basta picar as amendoas ou comprar ja feito)

Na trituradora picar tudo muito bem (excepto o chocolate) ate ficar bem macio, depois misturar o chocolate. A massa deve ser bastante pegajosa, é facil fazer as bolachinhas. Assar duramte 15 a 20m a 190C. As bolachas ficam molinhas tem que deixar arrefecer bem antes de comer, pois endurecem quando esfriam. Bom apetite 🙂