Back with vegetarian pasta dishes and some life updates, Yoga related!

Hello! I know it has been sooo long, but I have a good excuse this time! I trained to become a Yoga teacher and started working straight away 😀 I feel so blessed with the opportunities i have been given here in Italy..

Besides my teaching time in the beach during all summer I was working 3 days a week in my other half parents restaurant, so that took a lot of my time too, and it was exhausting.

We had a proper summer 3 months of sunny 35 degrees, actually i couldn’t take it anymore, after living so many years in London it will take awhile to get use to . As I was alone most part of the summer I really couldn’t justify cooking fancy food, or cook at all…I mainly ate salad from my garden, eggs, cheese, fruit and all the veggies you can eat raw 😉 It was quite healthy and refreshing actually.

But now I’m settling back in my routine and actually did a proper planner of my days, so they don’t go idle (watching series and instagram eheh) and I am back into the kitchen, when I a not practicing Yoga or teaching classes ( I still don’t have that many, but hopefully they will increase) or studying (which I tend to do a lot).

So I decided to pack a few pasta dishes, some vegan and some vegetarian, they are mainly for inspiration as they are very simple and quick to make, so we cannot use the excuse that healthy recipes take long time or are hard work. And pasta is healthy, just eat in moderation, with really good fresh ingredients and you are ready to go, and if you _really_ want swap regular pasta for wholewheat or quinoa or brown rice pasta, I don’t as I eat very once in awhile, may 3 times a month, as I am a rice kind of girl 😉

Enough of blah blah and let’s look at this delicious dishes, if I may say :


This is a really easy fresh pasta dish (which you just boil for 3 to 4 minutes) Mixed with a simple sauce of white beans, cherry tomatoes, good quality olive oil and some parsley ❤ Delicious and super healthy and quick, Can be done under 15 minutes.


This is the old school Pasta with Peas that is part of Italian tradition, I added some carrots because I had one laying around, the original is without but I love my veggies and I think it gave a nice sweetness to the dish. This is a one pot dish, so even better, it takes around 20m beginning to end. Fry onion and garlic in olive oil until soft and add fresh chilies to taste, add the carrot chopped as small as you can so it cooks really fast and let it be here for 5 minutes, add a touch of white wine (optional, but if used wait a couple of minutes before adding another ingredient). Add the peas, stir for another 2 minutes and add half a cup of tomato sauce (passata, good quality). If you would like add half an organic vegetable stock cube and some black pepper. Add boiling water to this mixture, enough water to cook the pasta and have some sauce left. You can add little by little too if you are not sure. Season with sea salt, and serve as soon as the pasta is ready ( to 10 minutes).

Hope all is well, and get used to see me often now! Have a lovely day/night depending on wherever in the world you are ❤

Shakshuka or Moroccan baked eggs / Ovos escalfados num molho de tomate picante receita marroqina

Today we had Shakshuka or Moroccan baked eggs, it was absolutely delicious!! This is an Ottolenghi recipe, and as you know he is amazing. My version serves only 2, and I reduced oil and sugar quantities, otherwise is more or less the same. We served it with polenta but you can serve with crusty bread too


A receita de hoje e’ de um chef bastante famoso no Uk chamado Ottolenghi. E’ uma receita marroquina de ovos escalfados num molho de tomate picante. Podem seguir a receita do link em ingles ou ver aqui a traduçao, eu sò diminui a quantidade de oleo e açucar, mas de resto é igual :


4 tomates grandes maduros ou uma lata de tomate pelado
2 pimentos
pimenta cayenne
açafrao ou açafrao das indias
louro,timo, salsa
sal, pimenta preta, malagueta
açucar castanho (1 CS)

Fritar as sementes de cominhos sem oleo passado 2 minutos, adicionar o azeite a cebola, as ervas, o açucar e o açafrao. Quando estiver com uma cor bem dourada, adicionar os pimentos e deixar fritarpor 10 minutos. Adicionar os tomates e o sal, pimentas, chilies, o que quiserem para ficar bem saboroso. Ir adicionando agua à medida que for necessario para manter o molho aguado e nao demasiado seco. Deixar cozinhar durante 10 a 15 m, depois adicionar os ovos e tapar. Cozinhar durante 15 m ou até os ovos estiverem bem cozinhados. Servir com pao Rustico tipo broa ou polenta, salada. Bom apetite! 🙂


Food inspiration chia crepioca with salad and baked veggies / Crepe de tapioca com salada e vegetais assados

Food inspiration for you ❤ This was our dinner tonight, hence the dark lighting. It was so delicious! Crepioca (crepe made with tapioca, it’s GF–> 2 eggs,2 tablespoons of tapioca and 2 TB of water + seasoning and if you like you can add some cheese too) with chia seeds, onion and parsley, served with an orange, avocado, fennel, nuts and lettuce salad and baked veggies. This crepe is for 2 people. All recipes in past posts.Enjoy x

Insparaçao para o vosso jantar (este foi o nosso, hoje) :Crepioca de sementes de chia, cebola e salsa(fritar um bocadinho antes a cebola e salsa em azeite antes de juntar a massa do crepe) : crepe feito com farinha de tapioca ( sem gluten–> 2 ovos, 2 colheres de sopa de tapioca e 2 colheres de sopa de agua *temperos a gosto e se desejarem podem adicionar queijo ralado), como acompanhamentos fiz uma salada de laranja, abacate, alface, amendoas e funcho e vegetais assados no forno. Todas as receitas estao em outros posts.O crepe serve 2 pessoas. Bom apetite 😉


Cinnamon roll cake, secretly healthy ;) / Bolo de canela saudavel

English Version:


Yesterday i was in mood for some cake, so I came up with this delicious healthy version of your regular cinnamon bun, it’s rich and sweet, but it doesn’t kill you 😉 I’m lucky enough to say, that as the time goes by, i like regular cake less and less, the only thing I taste is butter and a sickly sweetness, nothing else and i love flavour! so the most important thing for me is for my treats to be sweet but to let me feel the taste of my ingredients. The base of this cake was a chocolate and carrot cake I came up a while back :

I have to say that baking doesn’t need to be an exact science, it’s about making it your own, play with it, you will see, it’s almost always tasty! It may not me as high, but if you want healthier versions (changing from traditional ingredients) it will always change the texture, try you might actually like it ❤

Ingredients :

– to grease the pan : 1 TBs of organic butter (real thing or coconut oil, not melted) , 1 TBS of cinnamon , 1 TBS of raw brown sugar or coconut sugar –> first grease the pan, after mix sugar with cinnamon and coat the pan until all surface is covered.

for the batter :

150grs of flour ( I used 100grs of rye and 50grs of plain)

15grs of yeast (for cakes)

3 eggs

150grs of natural yoghurt (whole,organic)

7 TBS of maple syrup

1 TBS of melted butter

50grs of lucuma powder OR I would add a 1TBS of sugar(not maple as it is a powder )

For the drizzle : melt 1 TBS of butter with 1 TBS of cinnamon and 1 TBS of sugar (brown or coconut).

Mix all the ingredients ultil a smooth batter is formed. For an airy cake whisk your egg whites until set and fold carefully once all the other ingredients are well mixed. pour batter into the pan and at the end drizzle the cinnamon liquid on top of it in a circular motion.

Bake at 175C around 35m but keep checking, as i used a really big pan, thats why it was so thin. In a smaller pan may take a bit longer.

Lots of love,

Sandrina x

Versao portuguesa:

Ontem estava com vontade de um bolo um bocadinho diferente entao decidi fazer um bolo de canela, delicioso, mas que nao entope nenhuma veia 😉 Eu tenho bastante sorte porque com o passar do tempo o meu palato foi mudando e hoje em dia cada vez gosto menos de doces demasiado doces, onde os unicos sabores sao a manteiga e o açucar, gosto de sentir os diferentes sabores e saber que posso comer 1 bela fatia sem qualquer culpa 🙂

A base deste bolo foi de uma receita que criei ja ha bastante tempo:

E gostava de dizer que os bolos nao sao aquela ciencia exacta ( a nao ser que queiram fazer um bolo super tradicional para alguem super tradicional), para fazer bolos mais saudaveis, as texturas mudam, o que nao e’ uma coisa ma’, e’ so’ diferente..  E e’ tambem um desafio, para criar coisas diferentes, com ingredientes diferentes, sem aquele medo que nao vai resultar, pois nao diz assim no livro de receitas. acreditem, eu ja fiz dezenas de bolos sem abrir 1 livro de receitas, 90% das vezes ficou bem bom 😉 e as outras por norma era por falta de açucar/adoçante natural, que se corrigia com uma calda.. acho que temos que aproveitar o que a nossa sociedade global nos tem para oferecer, uma data de ingredientes novos e tecnicas desconhecidas pelos nossos pais e avos, e arriscar um bocadinho e comer aquele pedaço de bolo com uma mente aberta.



-Para untar a forma usar 1 CS de manteiga, 1 CS de canela e 1 CS de açucar (nao refinado castanho ou de coco), usar o açucar misturado com a canela como se fosse farinha.

-Para a massa :

150grs de farinha (usei 100grs de centeio e 50grs de farinha para bolos)

15grs de fermento para bolos

3 ovos inteiros

150grs de iogurte natural (organico e inteiro)

7 colheres de sopa de xarope de acer (ou mel derretido, mas nao a temperatura alta)

50grs de po’ de lucuma (e’ um po’ de uma fruta peruviana com um sabor a caramelo, e cheio de vitaminas) OU 1 CS de açucar (por causa de a lucuma ser em po’, mas podem experimentar)

1 CS de manteiga derretida ( nao usar margarina que tanto mal faz!) ou oleo de coco

-Para a calda : 1CS de manteiga,1 CS de canela e 1CS de açucar (derreter tudo junto)

Untar a forma, colocar a massa do bolo e no fim colocar a calda de canela por cima, fazendo circulos.

Eu usei uma forma um bocadinho grande demais, dai o bolo ter saido fininho.                                                                   Aquecer o forno a 175 c e cozinhar entre 35 a 45m, mas deve-se controlar pois depende do tamanho da forma e do forno.

Ate a proxima

Sandrina xx

Video recipe – classic and chocolate peanut butter / Video receita de manteiga de amendoim classica e de chocolate :)

Want to know how easy it is to make peanut butter? Just check out my new video 🙂

Como fazer manteiga de amendoim, normal e de chocolate no meu novo youtube video ❤

Polish inspired cabbage rolls / Rolinhos de couve ao estilo polaco

I’ve been on an international kick wanting to cook a lot of different dishes from all over the world! So yesterday I decided to do this Polish inspired cabbage rolls, they are delicious, filling, healthy and easily vegan by swapping meat + egg by mushrooms and sauerkraut, a very traditional combination. It’s a bit of work but totally worth it. They freeze very well, and you can heat it up by frying them on a little olive oil. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Estes rolos de couve dao um bocadinho de trabalho, mas sao super saborosos! Para uma versao vegana e’ so’ substituir a carne e ovos por cogumelos e sauerkraut, uma combinacao muito usada na Europa de Leste e muito saborosa. Estes rolos congelam bem e pode-se aquecer facilmente, basta fritar num bocadinho de azeite.

Ingredients : Makes 16-18 rolls

– 250 grs of lean minced beef  / – 250g de carne de vaca moida magra

-2 eggs  / – 2 ovos

– 1 carrot  /  1 cenoura

– 1 medium round cabbage  / – 1 couve redonda media

– 1.5 cups of rice  / – 1.5 tacas de arroz

– half a stalk of celery  / -um bocadinho de aipo (opcional)

– 1 hand full of fresh parsley  / -1 mao cheia de salsa

– salt, pepper, chili  / – sal, pimenta e malagueta a gosto

– onion and garlic / – cebola e alho q.b.

– 1/3 cup of tomato sauce / – 1/3 taca de molho de tomate


Cook your rice, plain white, let cool a bit.

At the same time boil your round cabbage on a big pan for 10 minutes, make sure to cover the hole cabbage.

At the same time fry in a little olive oil your onion, garlic, carrot, celery, chopped cabbage (just take 2 or 3 leaves of your cabbage while raw) until soft, around 10 to 15 minutes.

Cozinhar o arroz e reservar. Ao mesmo tempo cozer a couve numa panela grande, para ficar completamente coberta de agua por 10 minutos. Ao mesmo tempo, fritar num bocadinho de azeite a cebola, alho,cenoura aos cubinhos,aipo e couve aos pedacinhos ( retirar 2 ou 3 folhas da couve antes de a colocar a cozer), ate’ ficar tudo cozinhado, por volta de 10 a 15 minutos.

garlic and onions

On a bowl mix meat, eggs, parsley and seasonings and mix all together.

Num recipiente misturar a carne, ovos, salsa e temperos. Mexer bem.


Mix the meat mixture with the carrots, onions etc.. Let it cook for 10 to 15 minutes or until meat is cooked .

Misturar a carne com a cenoura, cebola etc e deixar cozinhar 10 a 15 minutos, ou ate a carne estar cozinhada.

meat mixture


In a big bowl mix rice with with the meat mixture .

Num recipiente grande misturar o arroz com a carne.

rice and meat

After the cabbage is cooked, drain the cabbage but keep 1/2 cup of the cooking water. Separate around 20 leaves. You can add the remaining ones to soups, rice, anything really. And start stuffing the leaves with our mixture ❤ Fold like you would do for a wrap, taking both sides in and rolling.

Quando a couve estiver cozida,escorre-se (mas guardamos 1/2 taca desta agua) e comecamos a separar as folhas, umas 20 e guardar os resto (pode-se usar em sopas, arroz, massas…). Comecar a colocar o recheio em cada folha, nao colocar demais. Dobrar os lados e enrolar, como se estivessemos a fazer um wrap.


cabbage roll

Pack the rolls really tightly into a container that can go into the oven. Add 1/3 of a cup of tomato sauce to 1/2 a cup of cabbage water and pour over the rolls. Cover them with broken cabbage leaves/lid/foil, and cook for 30 minutes at 200 C .

cabbage rolls

Serve by itself or with a green salad. Really yummy! Let me know if you have tried this or have other fillings that you like.

Colocar os rolos bem aconchegados para nao abrirem. Misturar o molho de tomate com um bocadinho da agua de cozer a couve e colocar por cima dos rolos. Se tiverem algumas folhas que se rasgaram podem usa-las para cobrir os rolos se nao pode-se cobrir com uma tampa ou papel de aluminio. Assar durante 30 minutos a 200C. Servir sozinhos ou com uma slada verde grande como eu fiz.

Espero que gostem! 🙂

cabbage rolls

Lots of love,

Sandrina x




Crepioca, sweet and savory, join the “new” craze! Crepe de tapioca, toca a provar!

In Brazil tapioca flour is widely used, it’s gluten free and gives the most amazing texture.

It can be quite “empty” but if you join some chia, flax and good toppings it’s much better than your regular wrap or crepe.


No Brasil a farinha de tapioca e’ bastante comum, usada em diversos pratos e nao tem gluten o que e’ bastante vantojoso para pessoas com alergias ou para pessoas que desejam reduzir o consumo de trigo. Eu adoro a textura da tapioca para fazer estes crepes ou wraps. Esta crepioca pode ser um bocadinho vazia em termos de nutricao por isso eu adiciono linhaca, chia e escolho os toppings e acompanhamentos com cuidado para aumentar o valor nutricional da refeicao.

For this savoury crepioca, you just add 1 egg , 2 tablespoons of tapioca or potato starch, which would change the name to something else I used 1 of each. This is the basic recipe which works amazingly as a wrap#glutenfree .To add more nutrition I add chia seeds, spring onion and spices like black pepper, chili, turmeric and some pink salt. I had some shredded chicken frozen so I decided to use it as the filling (defrosted, and warmed in a pan,of course) and served this with a fruity salad .

Para esta crepioca salgada adicione 1 ovo e 2 colheres de tapioca (tambem se pode misturar como eu fiz e coloquei 1 de amido de tapioca e outra de amido de batata), mexer bem e colocar na frigideira anti aderente bem quente, nao e’ necessario oleo, a crepioca vai comecar a libertar-se sozinha da frigideira, quando descolar e’ so virar esperar mais 1 minuto e esta pronta. Se quiserem derreter queijo, a melhor maneira eh nao virar a crepioca, isto e’, quando estiver a descolar, colocar o recheio desejado e dobrar como se fosse uma omelete, esperar um bocadinho e depois sim virar , mas sempre com a forma meia lua, nao abrir e deixar tostar um bocadinho do outro lado. Adicionei tambem a massa sementes de chia, cebolinho, pimenta preta, malagueta seca, curcuma e sal cor de rosa ( isto a massa). O recheio foi apenas frango desfiado (que tinha congelado, basicamente assei um frango inteiro e deois desfiei e dividi em refeicoes e congelei, para ser mais practico. Acompanhamento foi uma salada maravilhosa com diospiro maca, azeitonas, folhas verdes, tomate e radicchio.

cre1 crep cre

For this breakfast /snack  just mix 1 egg with 1 tablespoon of tapioca starch and cook in a non stick pan without any oil, so easy to flip!! Top with your favourites, mine you know then by now –> banana, peanut butter, cinnamon and mapke syrup . you can add some chia seeds, nuts, flax to make it more nutritional
Para este pequeno almoco fiz uma crepioca recheada com manteiga de amendoins, banana, canela e xarope de acer para o crepe mais facil do mundo misturar 1 ovo com 1 colher de sopa bem cheia de amido de tapioca, cozinhar numa frigideira anti aderente sem oleo, tao facil de virar, mesmo, quase se faz sozinho este crepe para aumentar o valor nutricional pode se acrescentar nozes, linhaca, chia ou cacau. Yummm


Have you ever tried this? If yes, what are your favorite toppings? And if you make this, do let me know.





Vegan dishes – sweet potato, quinoa, millet, kale!

Today I have a few simple dishes for you, the 1st is a side dish of golden couscous with kale: lightly cook the kale on a pan with a touch of oil, add water with quite a bit of turmeric, salt and pepper to the couscous, once done mix Kale and couscous together. Serve as a side dish or let it cool down and use as part of a salad.

2nd is baked sweet potato with quinoa and millet cooked with asparagus and mushrooms.
Bake the sweet potato for 40m at 160C or until sof, no need to add salt or oil. On a pan cook garlic, onion with olive oil, once soft add the mushrooms and asparagus, let it cook for 5 minutes, add quinoa and millet (soaked previously for a few hours), and fry lightly, at this point you can use a bit of white wine or beer (if you want), otherwise just add water like you would with rice, add seasoning and let it cook for 20m or until water is absorbed.

Hoje fica aqui 2 pratos simples, o de cous cous e couve : cozinhar o couscous com bastante açafrao das indias sal e pimenta (de acorodo com as indicaçoes). Numa frigideira adicionar um fio de azeite ou agua e cozinhar a couve ate tenra, mas nao desfeita. Misturar a couve com o couscous e servir como acompanhamento ou deixar arrefecer e fazer uma salada, adiconando vegetais crus.

O 2o prato é batata doce assada no forno durante 40m sem condimentos a 160C e quinoa e painço (ou sò quinoa) : cozinhar uma cebola e 1 dente de alho com azeite, depois adicionar aspargos e cogumelos e deixar cozinhar durante 5 minutos, acrescentar vinho ou cerveja se desejar, colocar a quinoa e painço e fritar durante 5 minutos, adicionar agua (mesma quantidade como se fosse arroz 2 para 1 ), colocar sal, pimenta e outros condimentos que gostar, deve estar pronto em 20m ou quando a agua estiver completamente absorvida. Bom apetite!

cc sweet potato

Quick treat :)

Quick treat for my love ❤
Made with coconut milk, eggs, avocado, chocolate powder, honey, oats, flour and baking powder. Chocolate topping is dark chocolate pieces melted with coconut milk and a tiny bit of honey and served with mashed strawberries.

Um doce rapido para o meu amor feito com leite de coco, farinha, aveia, abacate, chocolate em pò, ovos, fermento,mel. Cobertura chocolate de barra escuro derretido em leite de coco e mel,. Servi com morangos amassados. Boa noite! 🙂


Yes, pancakes :)

This pancake recipe, besides the banana, eggs, oats combo has baking soda and coconut too, very light!

Desta vez adicionei a banana, aveia e ovos, um bocadinho de coco ralado (seco) e bicabornato de sodio, o que fez com que as panquecas ficassem mais leves ❤


Another list of dirty 12 and clean 15, have a look, save yourself some money, and invest it where needed. I should carry this list more often as I end up buying organic where it doesn’t make a difference and the other way around..

Link :

Mais uma lista das frutas e vegetais com mais ou menos pesticidas, chamados os 12 sujos e os 15 limpos. O link esta em ingles (nos comentarios), mas os limpos sao : abacate, milho, ananas,couve, ervilhas congeladas, cebolas,asparagus, mangas, papayas, kiwis,beringela , toranja, melao, couve flor e batatas doces.
Os sujos, ou seja aquelas que deveriamos comprar biologicos sao : maças (sem duvida a pior, este compro sempre biologico), morangos, uvas, aipo, pessegos, espinafres, pimentos, pessegos carecas, pepinos, tomates cereja e batatas.
Devia ser uma lista que levamos sempre connosco para o supermercado, eu pelo menos acabo sempre por confundir as 2…