Exciting news!! Youtube channel is now live :) Novo canal de youtube

Acabei de postar o meu 1o video no youtube. O nome e’ — My International Kitchen — Este video tem uma receita super saborosa de panquecas, 3 versoes, sendo uma vegana . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vhfg_1REu2k E claro aceito sugestoes, comentarios e tudo mais, pois ha sempre _muito_ espaço para aprender. Obrigado e vamos partilhar 😉 I did my 1st youtube video, this one is in portuguese but I will do some in English too, so add me, like it and so on.. The channel is called My International Kitchen xx I will write the recipes for you as they are in Portuguese. For the grain free : mash 1 banana and add 1 beaten egg. Fry in coconut oil. For the egg free : add 70grs of whole natural yoghurt , 50grs of oats and 1/3 of a mashed banana. Combine well and fry. For the vegan: add 40grs of flour (20 normal+20buckwheat) with 50ml of rice milk , 1/2 teaspoon of yeast and 1/3 mashed banana, combine well. Fry. Add the toppings of your preference : PB, tahini, honey, cinnamon, nuts, fruit… Lots of love, Sandrina IMG_0335

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