Update on my life, my dreams , my food :)

So when I finished the challenge I realized how lucky I am , that I can eat whatever I want when I want (not quite but you know what I mean)… I really missed fresh vegetables and other fruit besides banana, I felt  hungry, grumpy and sad…I didn’t raise as much money as I would have liked but any help is better than no help I guess ( and you can still donate here if you would like to

https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/stcarvalho )  .

I’m attending an intensive Italian course as I am moving there permanently on the 18th of July, leaving London the 29th of June actually, going home to Portugal in between … I am feeling quite stressed to be honest, but that’s because I don’t deal well with changes, even though I couldn’t be happier, I love Italy, and I always wanted to live there so it’s a dream come true, really…We are moving to Rimini, where his family is. We are very fortunate as we already have a house to live in, so we can dedicate ourselves in pursuing our dreams, mine more to do with health and his fashion, is a cool mix, don’t you think? 😉

What I thought it would be a relaxing vacation back home is not , my mom has to be operated the 26th of June to her eye, so I will have to spend 2 weeks working in our family business… but that’s ok, that’s what family is for! 🙂 So I will only be left with a few days to see some friends, and I am hoping that some will meet me on my long working days.

I have lots of mixed feelings going on right now, packing my life for the past 7 years it’s not that easy as I have been truly happy here, but I have to say that London won, the central line run me down and so did the less amicable people that live here…I now dream of warmer days, blue beaches, family, friends and good food. I need peace, more nature and possibly more travelling ( the thing that makes my heart sing), but I leave with no hard feelings…

As they say “good friends we have, good friends we have lost along the way” , it’s not a bad thing, sometimes you change, sometimes they change and sometimes there is no more space in it for them, as you are looking for something else, or they are 🙂

On this journey I seek happiness, positivity and calm, I seek love and  compassion, and everyone or anyone that is mind-like is welcome in my life.

A whole month just studying and not working feels great, first time ever since I left Uni long time ago 😉

I will try to update once in a awhile  but I know it’s going to be hard, as my better half and I will be working full on until September, and after lot’s of things need to be done in order to start our dreams eheh

And a bit of food in the end, I have been eating mainly raw during the day, lots of fruit and salads and a meal with cooked food too in the afternoon and I feel great. I will just put here some self explanatory pictures of what I have been doing.

Take care, and let me know, what are your dreams, where would you love to live, your dream job, your dream life…Or whatever makes you happy!

Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam


Lots of love,


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