Healthy and delicious French Toast !

Breakfast today, because only chocolate would do! French Toast with melted chocolate and pomegranate seeds Dip 2 slices of good bread in egg, milk (organic) cinnamon and honey and cook them in coconut oil. Set aside. In the same pan add 100% chocolate, milk, a bit of cocoa powder and a bit of honey, let it all melt and thicken, add a tiny bit of coconut oil to the mix. Assemble ;D chocolate is your filling. So Yum!

Rabanadas com molho de chocolate e roma para o pequeno almoço! Molhar 2 fatias de pao ( de sementes) em ovo e leite (biologicos de preferencia), canela e um bocadinho de mel. Cozinhar com oleo virgem de coco. Para o chocolate derreter chocolate preto 100% com um bocadinho de leite, cacau em pò, um bocadinho de mel e oleo de coco, deixar engrossar Colocar o chocolate derretido no meio das fatias e colocar as sementes de roma por cima.


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