How to make frozen fish and veggies tasty!

Everyone knows that frozen food is much cheaper  ( I would say this meal costs around £1.20 pp) than fresh food, and if well done it tastes really good. While fresh food needs less herbs and spices, frozen will need more to make it a bit more special 🙂


This is a very simple recipe, but totally worth it 🙂

This coley fish was boiled from frozen with bay leaves, onion and salt for 15 minutes. On a separated pan put some olive oil,garlic, chili flakes and fennel seeds,let it fry until the garlic is cooked but not brown, add fresh carrots ( just use the peeler to do the stripes ), cook for 5 minutes, add spinach ( I bought fresh but I didn’t have the time to cook it, so decided to freeze before it went bad) and cook for another 5 to 7 minutes. Add salt to taste, drizzle with olive oil (extra virgin) and sprinkle with dried oregano. Such a light dinner and very fragrant, you wouldn’t say it’s from frozen ❤


What are your tricks to make frozen food tasty? And how often do you cook with frozen ingredients? xx

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