No bake molasses, coconut oil bars! With oats,barley flakes and much more ;)

I’ve been a busy bee today! I made some more bars, to last the 3 of us the next few days 🙂 This ones are NO bake, very useful given that my oven is not working properly! It’s made with molasses,

( article here about it : ).



  1. 2 cups of jumbo oats,
  2. 1 cup of barley flakes
  3. 1 cup of quinoa pops ( or just oats it’s ok)
  4. 3 to 4 tablespoons of coconut oil
  5. 3 tablespoons of molassed
  6. 4 dried bananas, chopped( if you don’t have this swap for dates)
  7. 15 dates chopped
  8.  1 handful of chopped nuts ( I used almonds, hazelnuts and brazil nuts)
  9.  pumpkin seeds
  10.  1 cup of raisins

If you want you can toast the oast and flakes in a pan for a few minutes, I did this, but it’s fine without too.
Melt molasses with coconut oil, add dates and banana. Mix all the dry ingredients in a big bowl. Combine dry and wet, making sure everything is coated. Place in a baking tray lined with baking paper and greased. Put the mixture in and compact quite hard, remember it’s not going to be baked, so it needs to be firmly put together.

Put it in the freeze for 20 minutes. Take it off and with a sharp knife cut it. It’s really easy and delicious 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

Cereal bars are one of my favourite things to make and experiment with! xx


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