Moroccan style stew with chickpeas, sausages, collard greens, mushrooms and eggs!

London is now very cold, and I mean cold with just 3 degrees! So this week I felt like cooking something heartwarming, delicious, that would evoke other warmer lands! So I came up with this Moroccan inspired dish, it’s absolutely amazing if I may say, very very tasty and simple 🙂


 Recipe : As always, make this recipe your own, change for this you prefer, take out things you can’t eat, quantities are not important, it depends for how many people you are cooking (this recipe is for 6 people), the most important part is tasting your food and adjusting accordingly! Enjoy cooking, enjoy the process and believe me, when you make food with love it always tastes better 😉

Fry onion and garlic with olive oil and some parsley ; Stir in the mushrooms (400g), cook for 2 minutes add the greens (300g), cook for another 5 minutes ;add some red wine and a can of tomatoes or fresh tomatoes (2) let it cook for 5 minutes ; add spices : salt, chilies, black pepper, turmeric and cumin. Add sausage and chick peas( 1 can), let it stew for 5 minutes. Crack the eggs (6), cover the pan and let it cook for another 10m or until the eggs are cooked. Serve with cous cous. Enjoy xx



I hope you have a lovely weekend and stay warm!! And tell me what are your comfort foods? Your winter favorites? xx

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