2 very easy pasta dishes!

First pasta dish is a veggie one with some shaved parmigiano on top! Just boil the pasta and on another pan stir fry the vegetables, I used fresh tomatoes,garlic, broccoli, red bell peppers, purple cabbage and carrots. Let the pasta cook for around 10m and the veggies for 15m, once everything is cooked but still al dente, combine everything, and top with the cheese, for a vegan option, leave the last step out or use a cheese substitute.


The 2nd dish is even easier, just boil some pasta, once is done drain and mix in some canned tuna, olive oil, black pepper and olives, mix it very well and it’s ready to serve ! This one I made very quickly today for my other half to take to work 🙂


What are your favorite pasta dishes? I have to say that I’m not the biggest pasta fan but D. is italian so we eat it every once in awhile.

Take care and enjoy the weekend xxx

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