Healthy diet – opinion post!

As you all know I’m very interested as what is a healthy diet in general, I mean,  if you don’t have major food allergies … what in your opinion makes up the best diet? What do you eat and why? Do you folliw a a strict diet or not really? What do you almost nevrr eat? What are yours food saviours and food enemies?  I will do another post with my opinion but would love to hear from you!! If you have food allergies I would love to know aswell ! Let’s just be really honest with us and others!

Lots of love and do participate as I think everyone csn learn from this.  Thank you xx

4 thoughts on “Healthy diet – opinion post!

  1. I am deathly allergic to aspartame. My always go-to foods are peanut butter, polenta, and grapes/raisins. I eat mostly produce and mostly vegan, but I’m not super strict. I try to pay attention and eat what my body needs.


    • I have a few intolerances like edame beans and msg, that’s my worse ones. I try to eat lots of veggies and mainly organic I eat fish and meat twice a week but plenty of vegetarian and vegan meals 🙂 aspartame is evil!


  2. Hi, I believe that food is our natural medicine and so what we eat should be healing us, not making us sick. From my research into food and health over the years I came to conclusion that vegetarian/vegan or raw food lifestyle is the best way to eat for optimal health and happiness. Currently I’m testing a fully raw vegan diet and blogging about it here:
    What I do always stay away from when shopping for real food are especially all sodas, anything with aspartame or other artificial sweeteners, margarine, and trans fats. I check the ingredients on packaged products before buying and if it includes flavors, colors or E numbers I put it back on the shelf.
    Be well.


    • Sorry about the delay! Had my partners family staying over till yesterday 🙂 I totally agree with you, I try to eat as healthy as I can, but in a different way. I believe raw food should make up a big part of everyone diet, but I eat cooked food, meat and fish. To be honest, and what works for me the best, is eating almost everything in moderation, even meat, dairy, fish, as long as is organic, so we are not eating hormones and antibiotics, and in small portions. I believe that we are all unique and each body has their own needs, so there is no such a thing as one diet to fit all. If we are careful our body will tell us what is missing and what we are doing wrong, and we can adjust. I know exactly what makes me feel like rubbish, so it’s up to me to avoid. Thank you for taking the time to answer. have a lovely weekend!x


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