Raw vegan chocolate treat! YUM

This is a really quick dessert/snack, it hits all the right spots and you don’t feel guilty by having it, and as it is so rich , one little ball of goodness is enough 😀


For this you will need : The measures are not so important, as long as you look out for the consistency!

200g of nuts, I used assorted (walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, cashew and brazil nuts, all organic)

50g of dark chocolate powder ( I use the organic black&green)

Honey/Agave/Sweet Freedom ( I Used sweet freedom, a vegan and low G.I. option ) to taste

Alcohol ( I used a liquor that I had in my house, but I think whiskey would be the best)

10 dates ( I decided not to use the figs)


Put the nuts in a blender and whiz until it looks like rough sand, add the chocolate, when combined add the chopped dates and liquid sweetener until it sticks together. At that point wet your hands a bit and form balls. Dust with chocolate powder and decorate as you wish, I put some raisins, coconut, and seeds on top too. Is best kept in the fridge, and I like to eat it cold, but room temperature is fine. It should keep well for 3 days.


What are your best healthy treats? Any quick and easy recipe you want to share with me?

Lots of love xxx And have a good week!

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