Pumpkin preserve with nuts, Portuguese delicacy!

It’s fall, so everyone needs some pumpkin in their lives 😀 I love this preserve with some sharp cheese and oatcakes or bread!



This was my 1st attempt so don’t be too harsh… To make this you will need :

1 medium pumpkin around 1kg
100g of organic brown sugar
1/2 a cup of sweet freedom, like agave but better as it is low G.I. & vegan
3 tablespoons of cinnamon, maybe more if you love it, like me!
the juice of 4 oranges
2 big pieces of lemon skin
1 or 2 cups of roughly chopped nuts


Cut, peel and cube the pumpkin. Mix all the ingredients except the nuts. Cook it for 1 hour at least, until very soft. Use a blender until smooth, or you can leave some bigger pieces if you prefer. Put back in the pan and add the nuts, let it cook for 10m , and it’s done. I divided in 3 parts, froze 2 and we are having the 3rd one, with bread for breakfast or just as a snack. Enjoy!



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