Korean pancake! Broccoli, white fish, peppers and more!

Bought a korean pancake mix, from a shop near where I work, it’s basically flour with onion powder and I believe some food coloring that gives the pancake the yellow colour.  Next time I will do it without the bought packet
Boil some white fish and broccoli for 10m .  When done cut in small pieces. Cut in very thin pieces the carrots, peppers, spring onions and whatever other vegetables you want to add.  Mix the pancake powder with water, when well combined add vegetables.
On a hot pan add a bit of oil, regular, add a big scoop of the batter and fry for around 4m and flip, let it cook for another 5m or until golden brown.
I made a dipping sauce using soya sauce, sushi vinegar,  sesame seeds and if you like it hot some chilli flakes.
We had this with lots of salad (lettuce, tomatoes and peppers), seasoned with extra virgin olive oil salt and lots of lemon juice to cut through the fried pancake!
Have you tried this pancake? Which is your favourite recipe? I love korean food!
Take care, and remember it’s almost weekend xx


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