Cumin squash and carrot soup!

For this lovely soup I roasted the squash with a tiny bit of olive oil for 40n at 180degrees . Once cooked I separated the skin from the squash flesh. On a pan add 1onion, 2 cloves of garlic, olive oil, half a tomato 4 carrots, 4 medium potatoes, 2 medium squashes,  salt, black pepper, cumin to taste. Add boiling water until it covers everything and a bit more.  Let it cook for about 30m and puree. I added sone natural yoghurt,  olive oil drizzle and the seeds from the roasted squash. Lovely with some seeded bread. Enjoy!!
I’m sorry for the picture,  I have to use my phone.  My internet will be up and running by the 18th, yay 🙂

Lots of love and let ne know wich is your favorite soup xx


5 thoughts on “Cumin squash and carrot soup!

  1. Hi,
    I’m sorry for the delay. So, the barley soup, yes, it is a comfort food for autumn and winter days. )
    You’ll need five, six carrots, about a half of leak, a piece of celery (root), four pieces of allspice, some four laurel leaves, chicken legs (the whole thing and not just drum sticks, if you can find them) or some other piece of meat, like smoked ribs. Boil the water, throw the ingredients in, cook on slow fire, not too slow though. Add salt, black pepper, chicken stock if you wish, and barley. Be very careful with the quantity here, it’ll thicken and grow. Say two, three handfuls of it. Now, not sure if you can find the barley I cook with. It’s from Poland, so I think you can find it in any Polish store. I’ll try to upload the photo to your Facebook page. Back to the recipe, the whole thing should be cooked on slow fire for quite a bit. Hope it works.


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