Quick potato dish and some more thoughts on USA

Arrived to grey London yesterday, leaving sunny US behind. Lots of memories were made, beautiful and colorful ones, like their trees in autumn 🙂 We decided that we will definitely go back to Colorado and Utah to see in more details the amazing natural parks there, loved hiking and the fresh air!
On a different note I have to say that I noticed how much healthy food cost over there, really I paid $5.20 for 4 organic apples, just as an example… Even in he restaurants healthy options are much more expensive, which perpetuates the poor being fat with poor health, with much worse health insurances than the rich… Another thing I noticed was the amount of homeless people, specially of course, in the cities. I was quite surprised with SF…. such a beautiful city with so many people that need help…

I love fall, and i love the way americans embrace it, the decorations, the pumpkin lates and pies! Wish that you could find the same things over here, it’s lovely!

I love tea, an of course went to see the japanese tea house in SF park :


Quick potatoes dish made straight after arriving from the airport, so something very simple, but tasty! Just boiled potatoes, hard boiled eggs, salad leaves, radicchio and raw carrots and tomatoes, all brought together with an olive oil,cumin and paprika dressing, enjoy! Missed my posts and blog Will start a soup season soon and some american inspired dishes, so keep tuned!


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