Tasty pancakes, weekend breakfast!

I am a pancake and crepe lover, love all kind with all sort of toppings! I decided that in the US the meal I’m going to make sure to eat out all the time is going to be breakfast, as they have big and varied one….and pancakes, and pancakes!

So today I woke up really starving, maybe because I went to the pub and didn’t have a proper dinner yesterday, really good night by the way 😀 and did 2 hours of exercise too!  and decided that it was a pancake day. The basic recipe is from a Jamie Oliver tv program that I can’t recall the name, and all the extras are mine .


The ingredients :

This will make 2 pancakes each for 4 people.

1 mug of white flour

1 mug of semolina ( original recipe asks for 2 cups of white flour)

3 eggs

2 mugs of milk

1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda

Now the extras :

Raw cocoa nibs

A handful of oats

poppy seeds

linseeds / flaxseeds

matcha powder ( this is just a mix from ,H&B that contains goji berries/chia and other things )

Note : the extras can be anything you like, it won’t affect the basic recipe, you can add nuts, dried or fresh fruit, it will always taste delicious!

The reason why I added all of this is to pack more nutrition, and keep the family fuller for longer 😉

Mix all together, you can leave it to rest for 5m so the soda reacts, but I didn’t because I was very hungry!

In a non stick pan add a bit of sunflower oil, and put in 1 soup ladle of the mixture. When you see little air bubbles ( after around 3 minutes) the pancake should be ready to flip, I use a spatula as I can’t do the french flipping thing . let it cook for another couple of minutes or until golden brown.

On the table we had blackberry jam ( my favorite) , honey, peanut butter, cocoa powder … you can top it anyway you want, I think yoghurt and fresh berries would be nice too.

The pancakes are fluffy, tasty and really filling, so I think 2 it’s plenty.


What are your favorite pancake toppings? Best pancake recipe? And for the Americans, any good pancake place in NY or SF that you can recommend?

Enjoy your weekend, here in London is raining a lot, so I’m staying in today.

Lots of love xx

One thought on “Tasty pancakes, weekend breakfast!

  1. About Linseed/ flax seed : great source of fiber that can lower bad cholesterol, balance blood sugar levels and act as an hunger suppressant. Their high omega 3 fatty acid content can help lower undesirable fats ( triglycerides) in the blood, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.


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