Brigadeiros, chocolate and carnation milk decadent dessert :)

Got the notice today, so we have 2 months to find a house! Hopefully it will be a smooth thing 😉  Tonight was the first time I went to a dance class, this one was  Brazilian  dance, it’s quite fun actually, I think I will do it again!

This dessert is Brazilian, and it was not on purpose :p It’s a decadent sweet intense chocolate flavored balls.. You only need a good chocolate powder, carnation milk and butter.



Ingredients :

1 tablespoon of unsalted butter or margarine

1 can of carnation milk

4 tablespoons of chocolate powder

Chocolate shavings

Dried coconut

Method :

Place the butter, carnation milk and chocolate powder in  a pan over medium heat, don’t stop stirring until the mixture starts coming off the pan, that’s called Brigadeiro point, and that’s when you have to stop, it doesn’t take long, just a few minutes. Set it aside and let it cool down. Once it’s cold oil your hands, and make small balls, roll them on the chocolate shavings and some others on the coconut, place them in pretty cases and it’s ready to serve. Enjoy!


Remember that this is a treat and not an everyday thing. We can enjoy the foods we love, in moderation, that’s the trick. I don’t believe in refusing everything you crave, but I don’t believe in excess either, it all hangs in the balance 😉

Chocolate, good and dark is a healthy asset to any diet :  improves immunity, longevity and quick recovery from intense exercise. Dark chocolate without additives, it’s best and lowers the risk of cancer and stroke.

Have you add me on facebook? If not, please do so, I usually post pictures of my food first in there 🙂

Do you enjoy dance classes? Which one have you tried?

And what is your favorite chocolate treat? Cake or mousse, or…?

Just one day to go, weekend is almost here 😀



2 thoughts on “Brigadeiros, chocolate and carnation milk decadent dessert :)

    • No, this one was a mix of samba and some african moves too, from the area of bahia, I think. Forro is a specific dance, this one was more fusion 😉 It was not intended eheh ended up being a brazilian night, just needed some feijoada, you need to try, maybe you can find it in buenos aires. xx


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