Spinach, bacon and potato frittata, and another dinner :)

Unfortunately this week I was told that my landlord wants to sell my house, just 10 months after we move in, so my mind has been busy with worry instead of cooking ideas… But it will be fine, it always is!  😉

I made a beautiful frittata yesterday for dinner. It’s quite easy and not much work involved.


You will need 8 to 10 eggs will make enough to 4-6 people ; spinach, bacon and some boiled and chopped potatoes.

First put the bacon ( I use pancetta, cooked and smoked bacon) in a large pan and let it fry, it doesn’t need any fat, as the fat from the bacon is enough, when the bacon gets some color add the spinach and let it cook for 2 minutes, add the already cooked potatoes and your spices, I used paprika, a bit of salt and pepper.

On another recipient whisk eggs with a bit of black pepper. I divided everything in  portions, it easier to cook. So just add half the eggs, to half of the potatoes/bacon/spinach mixture and let it cook for awhile, once the frittata is almost cooked you can flip it , I used a plate and just slide it onto the plate and after just put it back into the pan , but on the other side that needs to be cooked. The trick is that the frittata really needs to be almost cooked.

To accompany it I made an avocado, tomato, olives and onion salad, but I guess any kind of salad or even steamed vegetables, would be great!

Another dinner this week : Mustard turkey steak with borlotti beans rice, really tasty!



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Avocado : Is high in beneficial monounsaturated oils which can lower blood pressure, lubricate joints and helps improving fertility.

I still managed to hit the gym a few times this week despite all my stress, but I guess it was for the best as I let some steam off!

Do you change houses a lot? Does stress impacts on the way you eat?

Have a great weekend! x

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