Bento box! Work lunches, what’s in it ?

Everyday I take my lunch to work, just because I prefer m own food and I save more money. But I have to say that we are lucky where I work. We have a canteen, where the food is quite cheap and relatively healthy, we have a salad bar, a vegetarian, meat/fish option and soup, bread and sandwiches Plus cakes and desserts! So no complains there. My only problem is that I’m a bit sensitive to certain things like cream and too much oil, it just makes me a bit nauseous and I look pregnant as my belly get’s a bit swollen . So I would rather take my own.

Usually I take the next day what I had for dinner, as I don’t have the time to cook fresh just for that lunch, and I have to say it always taste good! I’m happy as I bought my first proper cute bento box, love it, it’s so tidy and neat, it makes eating lunch a much better experience 😉

This was what I had for lunch one day this week :



It was a very easy seaweed rice – I just cooked rice as I would normally, and add the pre soaked seaweed to cook along the rice for the last 10 m. I pan friend some sausages, this ones are D. favorites, they have north African spices in it. On a separated container I sliced 1 tomato and add some blueberries. On top of the rice i put this Japanese rice seasoning( mainly dry seaweed, garlic and sesame seeds)  that you can buy in oriental shops, I bought mine in Japan Center. And that’s it, the colors and strong flavors helps me keep interested and eating less sweets ( which I tend to eat at work…) .



What do you have or lunch at work? Do you prefer cold or hot meals for your lunch?



Seaweeds : Assists weight management, helps remove toxins from the body, lowers risk of heart disease and stroke, fights the effects of stress.


Today is Pilates and Boxing day. What exercises are you doing today?

Take care xx

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