Portuguese inspired dish!

My cooker is back to life, and so it’s my kitchen. did a beautiful broad bean and spicy chorizo stew and baked a bread, the bread post will be done tomorrow, as the dough is still rising and needs to be baked. It’s inspired on a traditional portuguese dish, and I added a few more vegetables and egg. It’s very simple, tasty and quite cheap to make. All and all takes around 30m to make.


The ingredients :


Fresh broad beans, canned broad beans (bought this ones in Paris),spicy chorizo, smoked pork sausage (this one is hungarian,bought in an eastern european shop) carrots, white onion, bay leaf, olive oil, organic eggs, frozen peas, beer, salt and pepper to taste.

Fry the onion and the bay with the olive oil, when the onion becomes soft (5m) add carrots, fresh broad beans and the meats.


Put some beer in (quite a bit) and let it stew for 15m, and after that add the canned and frozen vegetables. Let it simmer for another 10m, crack an egg on the sauce and cook it for around 3m and its ready!


And it’s done a not so heavy dinner, full of colors and flavours!

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