Fish,seaweed salad and an awesome snack!

This snack/dessert was an idea of a colleague of mine, she gave me some at work and today I decided to make it for dessert as we had a very light dinner. It’s simple, easy and totally yummy!! Just open up some dried figs and stick a piece of very dark chocolate and an almond…Really it is amazing, even D. that doesn’t like figs very much liked it. And Because I bought some dates today, I added some to the plate, I love them, but careful it has a high G.I.


After coming back from holidays I realized that I put on some more weight, 3kg since I stopped smoking, which was more than 4 months ago! yay for me 😉 So I decided to go to the gym a bit more,as I was a bit lazy in june, and not having carbs at dinner time.This week I did 5 hours of gym ( 2 hours of Boxfit, 1hour of circuits, 1hour of Bums tums and tighs and 1hour aerobics,my 1st,loved it!) and I will try to keep it up, I will let you know if I will be able to shift that weight or not ( for the people that don’t know me, I am tiny so 3kg is quite a bit!)

Our dinner was really tasty. I used the microwave for 3m to steam the fish in lemon juice and did a seaweed salad. Usually I don’t use the microwave to cook, BUT my oven/cooker kind of exploded today and I’m waiting for someone to come and fix it, so I had to find a plan B 😀




If you don’t have carbs at night, what do you have? Hope I will have my oven working soon so I can keep posting!

Have a lovely weekend, in London is supposed to be 30 degrees, so tomorrow it’s picnic day in the park 😀

The italian post will come but didn’t have much time lately to through all the pictures, sorry! x

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