I have a guest at home so not much cooking going on!

Hello! My other half mom is staying with us for a week so not much has been cooking around here… End up eating out or grabbing something quick on our way home, yesterday was sushi day and today pizza… So much for the gym! Have to work extra hard in much less time this week as I am quite busy with entertaining and preparing for the holidays, please cross your fingers for me as I really want/need warm weather next week!

This is what I cooked one of this days at home :


Toasted couscous with clams, prawns and purple carrots ; boiled corn

– This cous cous is different from the regular one, its almost like pasta. For the clams was a regular stew, onion garlic and olive oil, after added some tomatoes and the carrots, and when you cook it down a bit put in the seafood. I like to cook with white wine, chili and some herbs, this part is totally up to you, as everyone likes different things!

Gluten free cookies made with coconut flour, raw cocoa and avocado instead of  fat. I would give you the recipe but I need to make it a bit better first, it still tastes too healthy, if you know what I mean 😉

It’s always like this, every time I tell myself ” ok,this week less carbs for dinner, or less sweets” something happens and it’s always the other way around! C’est la vie 😀

Any experience with coconut flour? Any healthy cookies that don’t taste healthy? Share the recipes with me please!

Have a good week, and speak soon x

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