Amaranth Banana cupcakes!! Archipelago review :)

Today I decided to do a banana cake instead of cereal bars to take to work! And it tastes absolutely amazing!

My inspiration came from this recipe : , butI had to change it  a bit of course !

Ingredients :


1 cup of cooked amaranth (cooked it as rice – 1 cup of grains for 2 cups of water)

1 cup of wholemeal flour

1 cup of  ground almond, soy flour and miracle matcha ( can be just 2 cups of wholemeal flour)

3 bananas

nuts and raisins

1/2 avocado

honey to taste

olive oil/butter ( i used 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 of butter)

2 eggs


Baking powder

Prunes soaked in water

Mix the dry ingredients together :


And the wet, or the ones that need to be blended


Blend and after mix dry and wet



Spoon it into a loaf pan or cupcakes cases, whatever you fancy really!


I pre heated the oven at 180 and cooked the cupcakes for 25m and the loaf for almost an hour.



Lovely with dark coffee  😉


The restaurant Archipelago is a must go! the food was amazing, beautifully cooked, the place really different with really nice staff! A don’t miss if you live in london!

This week did mainly Bums tums and thighs at the gym, you can really tell the difference, it builds your body strength and sculpts. The cardio part of it improves your heart health and your overall fitness.

Let me know if you ever cooked with amaranth, as this was my 1st time!

What do you snack at work?

Have a lovely evening x

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