Tonight I’m going to eat Insects!! And a vegan meal..

Today my other half  booked us a table at a very interesting restaurant, it’s in central London and it’s called Archipelago. They have a very different menu that ranges from crocodile to ants…have a look here :

I will let you know how it went tomorrow 😉

For lunch I had something quite light and very yummy! It ended up to be all vegetables because I wanted to finish most of what I had in the fridge because tomorrow I’m getting my fresh fruit and veggies, and it would end up going to waste, and that is a no in our house.


Boiled corn with balsamic vinegar ; baked aubergine and courgette “chips”; lettuce with olives pumpkin seeds and nuts!

Going 1 hour to the gym tonight, as I had a very lazy day today. But tomorrow my day is filled with things to do which I love! Going with D to a model agency to try to find some people for the runway and photo shoot ( my boyfriend is finishing is own clothes line, will write a post on it later on), gym and baking cookies, and cinema. I’m going to watch Man Of Steel, anyone have seen it? Any reviews? I heard a Lisa Gerard song in the trailer so It can’t be that bad!

Have a lovely evening!

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