I admit it…1st time ever sweet potatoes! Plus Holland&Barrett Sale!

Ok first of all, I don’t like potatoes, never did,never will! I do eat them occasionally, but they always disappoint me…So you can understand how I was in no rush to try sweet potatoes, I thought they were the same, just a different color.

BUT, I was so _wrong_ ! I roasted them with just olive oil,salt and black pepper and I found heaven, sorry but I feel really excited about it 😀

So the dinner was a beautiful salad wit roast chicken and sweet potatoes


Chicken seasoning was rosemary,dried chilies, salt and lemon.


After work I went to H&B to get some peanut butter,never tried it from there,hope  it’s good if somehow really liquid..And ended up spending quite a bit of money on things I never tried before ( looking forward to try all of it!).

Do you use a list when you go shopping or do you do it free style like me? I know its a bad way, always spend more than I should!

Here are some of it, any ideas what to do with it? Any recipes to share?

#coconut flour #brown rice flour #soy flour


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