Stop eating E-numbers! Make your own cereal bars

My house is filled with cookie monsters, cereal bars munchers  and everything else you can imagine! We used to go through 5 boxes of cereal bars at week or more, probably more…And I do take them for my break at work, as I can’t/won’t just have the 3 meals a day.

1st : Cereal bars are filled with sugar,corn syrup, E-numbers and all kinds of weird things, if you can’t read it,spell it or doesn’t recognize it, you shouldn’t really be eating it!

2nd : It’s not cheap, honestly! Paying at least 3£ for a pack of  5 cereal bars, you can see how it adds up!

So I started looking for recipes online and ways to make my own. The 1st time you make it it will be a bit more expensive as if you don’t have all the ingredients, you will have to buy them, BUT homemade cereal bars are good as a way of using very ripe fruits, and once you get the hang of it, you can use whatever you have at home really!

I have had some not so great experiments, but most of them are quite tasty 🙂 This recipe is for the ones I baked yesterday, and everyone thought they were very nice.

The ingredients :


Sorry about the half peeled peach and banana skin, I took the picture a bit late eheh

– dried mulberries

-flax seeds


-organic oats

– avocado

– orange juice

– raisins

– dark chocolate

– honey

– olive oil

– dates

– dried coconut

– a bit of shop bought granola (just because it had lots of pumpkin seeds and other things that I didn’t have at home)

Mix the fruit (avocado,banana,peach,dates,orange juice), olive oil and honey and liquidize using a blender.


Mix the dry ingredients


Mix the fruit cream with the oats and coat everything, making sure all of it it’s moist, grease a baking tray ( I use a bit of olive oil) and press the mixture quite hard until it becomes compact. Put chocolate shaves on top and it’s ready to go into the oven!


Pre heat  the oven at 150 degrees Celsius, put the bars in and leave it for around 40m or until golden brown, reduce the temperature if needed to 100. My oven has a fan I know it makes a difference.

Notes: I don’t really measure things to be honest, just think how many oats you need +/- and see how much filling you like in our bars, that’s it really. The mixture has to be moist but not soaking wet or too dry, if it’s not the right consistency add oats or orange juice, accordingly!

Enjoy! These are sweet, filling and not a trace of guilt 🙂


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