Organic Box Delivery

Wednesdays are always exciting days! It’s organic delivery day!

Awhile ago we decided to start eating more organic, tried supermarket goods but somehow defeats a bit the idea of locally sourced, helping farmers and everything, so I did some online searches and decided to order through a London company. They get all their produce from around London and deliver very early in the morning which suits working people. I really like it, because I never run out of fruit and vegetables during the week, and always get something a bit different which makes me vary our meals, and that can just be good! Where do you get your organic products from?

This week I didn’t order fruit as I still had quite a lot, so we got veg, flour for the bread, and some sausages



And because we deserve it aswell, life cannot be just work and exercise (even though I did go to the gym today to do body conditioning, but shhhhh), this was our dinner (plus some salad), very portuguese/italian style!Homemade rye and seeds bread plus yummi goods from Paris!


What are your meal treats?

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