warm meat salad after boot camp!

Yesterday my other half and I went to a truly lovely italian restaurant in shoreditch called amici miei to celebrate our 11 months together 😀 The food was _amazing_ , try if you can. We had pasta,pizza and dessert, all very good, and it’s not so expensive.

Today I went to circuits, wich is a gym class that feels like being in boot camp, we run a lot, do push ups, sit ups, run some more and some more and when you think you are going to faint you realize that just 30 m went past and you still have another 30 m to go! But the teacher is really nice and friendly and so are all the people in there, its a proper community gym and I love it!
Does it hurt? YES , but its worth it, as I never felt with so much energy in my life.

After class went home starving and decided to do a really filling and healthy warm salad :



So now we have to cook the meat with a bit of olive oil just enough not to stick to the pan,


Put your couscous (this one is wholemeal) in a container and add spices, my favorites are cumin, paprika, turmeric, nutmeg, chilies, black pepper and some salt


Cover the couscous with water, close the container and leave it aside to cook until you finish everything else.

Grab your herbs and chop your veggies!



Cook whatever vegetables need to be cooked, in this case the chinese greens, exactly the same way I did the meat.
Mix all the cooked ingredients first and second add the raw ones, it should look something like this :


Choose your sprinkles, I used flaxseed, poppy seeds, black sesame seeds and a healthy mix with chia and goji berries,


And voilà !


Hope you try it and enjoy 😀
What are your favorite spinkles and “healthy” seeds? I’m a sucker for those…
Your all time gym class hate?

4 thoughts on “warm meat salad after boot camp!

  1. What a healthy and wholesome meal. And I like it that you grab your herbs from your backyard, as fresh as can be. I need to eat more of couscous, I eat it once in a while right now because I didn’t really know the various ways of cooking it. I have to bookmark this. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend!


  2. I’ve tried your recipe once and I loved it! I’ll do it again tonight, but with quinoa instead of couscous to see if it also goes well. Thank you for the recipes!! 🙂


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