I have a guest at home so not much cooking going on!

Hello! My other half mom is staying with us for a week so not much has been cooking around here… End up eating out or grabbing something quick on our way home, yesterday was sushi day and today pizza… So much for the gym! Have to work extra hard in much less time this week as I am quite busy with entertaining and preparing for the holidays, please cross your fingers for me as I really want/need warm weather next week!

This is what I cooked one of this days at home :


Toasted couscous with clams, prawns and purple carrots ; boiled corn

– This cous cous is different from the regular one, its almost like pasta. For the clams was a regular stew, onion garlic and olive oil, after added some tomatoes and the carrots, and when you cook it down a bit put in the seafood. I like to cook with white wine, chili and some herbs, this part is totally up to you, as everyone likes different things!

Gluten free cookies made with coconut flour, raw cocoa and avocado instead of  fat. I would give you the recipe but I need to make it a bit better first, it still tastes too healthy, if you know what I mean 😉

It’s always like this, every time I tell myself ” ok,this week less carbs for dinner, or less sweets” something happens and it’s always the other way around! C’est la vie 😀

Any experience with coconut flour? Any healthy cookies that don’t taste healthy? Share the recipes with me please!

Have a good week, and speak soon x

Amaranth Banana cupcakes!! Archipelago review :)

Today I decided to do a banana cake instead of cereal bars to take to work! And it tastes absolutely amazing!

My inspiration came from this recipe :http://wholegrainscouncil.org/recipes/breads/amaranth-banana-walnut-bread , butI had to change it  a bit of course !

Ingredients :


1 cup of cooked amaranth (cooked it as rice – 1 cup of grains for 2 cups of water)

1 cup of wholemeal flour

1 cup of  ground almond, soy flour and miracle matcha ( can be just 2 cups of wholemeal flour)

3 bananas

nuts and raisins

1/2 avocado

honey to taste

olive oil/butter ( i used 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 of butter)

2 eggs


Baking powder

Prunes soaked in water

Mix the dry ingredients together :


And the wet, or the ones that need to be blended


Blend and after mix dry and wet



Spoon it into a loaf pan or cupcakes cases, whatever you fancy really!


I pre heated the oven at 180 and cooked the cupcakes for 25m and the loaf for almost an hour.



Lovely with dark coffee  😉


The restaurant Archipelago is a must go! the food was amazing, beautifully cooked, the place really different with really nice staff! A don’t miss if you live in london!

This week did mainly Bums tums and thighs at the gym, you can really tell the difference, it builds your body strength and sculpts. The cardio part of it improves your heart health and your overall fitness.

Let me know if you ever cooked with amaranth, as this was my 1st time!

What do you snack at work?

Have a lovely evening x

Tonight I’m going to eat Insects!! And a vegan meal..

Today my other half  booked us a table at a very interesting restaurant, it’s in central London and it’s called Archipelago. They have a very different menu that ranges from crocodile to ants…have a look here :


I will let you know how it went tomorrow 😉

For lunch I had something quite light and very yummy! It ended up to be all vegetables because I wanted to finish most of what I had in the fridge because tomorrow I’m getting my fresh fruit and veggies, and it would end up going to waste, and that is a no in our house.


Boiled corn with balsamic vinegar ; baked aubergine and courgette “chips”; lettuce with olives pumpkin seeds and nuts!

Going 1 hour to the gym tonight, as I had a very lazy day today. But tomorrow my day is filled with things to do which I love! Going with D to a model agency to try to find some people for the runway and photo shoot ( my boyfriend is finishing is own clothes line, will write a post on it later on), gym and baking cookies, and cinema. I’m going to watch Man Of Steel, anyone have seen it? Any reviews? I heard a Lisa Gerard song in the trailer so It can’t be that bad!

Have a lovely evening!

Real vitamin water! Put coke to rest once and for all! And dinner, of course.

My friends know that I never liked Coca-cola, fanta or 7up… I drink water with almost everything,but even for me that gets a bit boring, so I tried this “vitamin” water(orange, lemon and mint) and it was really nice, everyone had some instead of coke for dinner tonight 🙂 But I did add some sugar to it, so it’s not 100% healthy.


We had dinner really late tonight, which is not very good for digestion,but I fell asleep while watching star wars (after working all day,mind you), but it was really tasty,very simple and colorful, unfortunately the pictures don’t do the dinner much justice.

Organic Salad : purple and yellow carrots, avocado, olives, lettuce and onion.

Organic sausages fried with garlic and rosemary.

Sticky white rice, my favorite thing in the world, could live on that _only_


This lack of sun is killing me, but fortunately Italy is coming in 2 weeks, looking forward for my holidays, and to get some inspiration for the blog! And in preparation for it, I have a really busy week at the gym,haven’t been in 3 days,missing it already!

What are your plans for the summer holidays?

Hope you had an amazing weekend!

I admit it…1st time ever sweet potatoes! Plus Holland&Barrett Sale!

Ok first of all, I don’t like potatoes, never did,never will! I do eat them occasionally, but they always disappoint me…So you can understand how I was in no rush to try sweet potatoes, I thought they were the same, just a different color.

BUT, I was so _wrong_ ! I roasted them with just olive oil,salt and black pepper and I found heaven, sorry but I feel really excited about it 😀

So the dinner was a beautiful salad wit roast chicken and sweet potatoes


Chicken seasoning was rosemary,dried chilies, salt and lemon.


After work I went to H&B to get some peanut butter,never tried it from there,hope  it’s good if somehow really liquid..And ended up spending quite a bit of money on things I never tried before ( looking forward to try all of it!).

Do you use a list when you go shopping or do you do it free style like me? I know its a bad way, always spend more than I should!

Here are some of it, any ideas what to do with it? Any recipes to share?

#coconut flour #brown rice flour #soy flour


Stop eating E-numbers! Make your own cereal bars

My house is filled with cookie monsters, cereal bars munchers  and everything else you can imagine! We used to go through 5 boxes of cereal bars at week or more, probably more…And I do take them for my break at work, as I can’t/won’t just have the 3 meals a day.

1st : Cereal bars are filled with sugar,corn syrup, E-numbers and all kinds of weird things, if you can’t read it,spell it or doesn’t recognize it, you shouldn’t really be eating it!

2nd : It’s not cheap, honestly! Paying at least 3£ for a pack of  5 cereal bars, you can see how it adds up!

So I started looking for recipes online and ways to make my own. The 1st time you make it it will be a bit more expensive as if you don’t have all the ingredients, you will have to buy them, BUT homemade cereal bars are good as a way of using very ripe fruits, and once you get the hang of it, you can use whatever you have at home really!

I have had some not so great experiments, but most of them are quite tasty 🙂 This recipe is for the ones I baked yesterday, and everyone thought they were very nice.

The ingredients :


Sorry about the half peeled peach and banana skin, I took the picture a bit late eheh

– dried mulberries

-flax seeds


-organic oats

– avocado

– orange juice

– raisins

– dark chocolate

– honey

– olive oil

– dates

– dried coconut

– a bit of shop bought granola (just because it had lots of pumpkin seeds and other things that I didn’t have at home)

Mix the fruit (avocado,banana,peach,dates,orange juice), olive oil and honey and liquidize using a blender.


Mix the dry ingredients


Mix the fruit cream with the oats and coat everything, making sure all of it it’s moist, grease a baking tray ( I use a bit of olive oil) and press the mixture quite hard until it becomes compact. Put chocolate shaves on top and it’s ready to go into the oven!


Pre heat  the oven at 150 degrees Celsius, put the bars in and leave it for around 40m or until golden brown, reduce the temperature if needed to 100. My oven has a fan I know it makes a difference.

Notes: I don’t really measure things to be honest, just think how many oats you need +/- and see how much filling you like in our bars, that’s it really. The mixture has to be moist but not soaking wet or too dry, if it’s not the right consistency add oats or orange juice, accordingly!

Enjoy! These are sweet, filling and not a trace of guilt 🙂


Vegan Mushroom Risotto

This week I just have one day off so I’m having a lazy stay at home day to try to rest as much as possible ( and the weather is not nice, it’s june after all!!)

So for our lunch today I decided to do some funghi risotto, it’s easy and very tasty but it does take awhile to cook, but totally worth it 🙂

Ingredients : I’m sure you know most of the ingredients, just to let you know that the dry mushrooms are called oyster, we buy them in asian grocery shops, and in the jar is homemade chili oil.


Soak the dry mushrooms for 5 minutes and keep the water.


Start frying onion garlic bay leaves and olive oil,when soft add the mushrooms,that have been previously chopped.


Let it fry for awhile until the mushrooms become softer, add the rice and let it fry a bit and squeeze some lemon juice ( you can use white wine or beer).

Add the mushroom water and let the rice absorb it. Mix some vegetable stock with water and put it into the rice slowly always allowing the rice to absorb the liquid before adding some more.

My ratio is usually per each cup of rice 2 cups of water, but risotto needs more water.



When the rice is cooked but still has a bite, take it from the hob and serve immediately.

Use whatever garments you prefer, I chose parsley and vine tomatoes.


Have a lovely day! I’m going to rest some more before going to the gym  for some bums tums and thighs, and watch a film with my other half in the evening.

How do you keep motivated ? What inspires you not to give up the gym?

Organic Box Delivery

Wednesdays are always exciting days! It’s organic delivery day!

Awhile ago we decided to start eating more organic, tried supermarket goods but somehow defeats a bit the idea of locally sourced, helping farmers and everything, so I did some online searches and decided to order through a London company. They get all their produce from around London and deliver very early in the morning which suits working people. I really like it, because I never run out of fruit and vegetables during the week, and always get something a bit different which makes me vary our meals, and that can just be good! Where do you get your organic products from?

This week I didn’t order fruit as I still had quite a lot, so we got veg, flour for the bread, and some sausages



And because we deserve it aswell, life cannot be just work and exercise (even though I did go to the gym today to do body conditioning, but shhhhh), this was our dinner (plus some salad), very portuguese/italian style!Homemade rye and seeds bread plus yummi goods from Paris!


What are your meal treats?

B for Boxing B for Beans!

I have a really busy week ahead, so I have to try really hard to keep the blog going and the gym and still have some social life, that’s a task!

Yesterday went with D. to my weekly Boxfit class, I still remember the 1st time I went, I was filled with dread with what looked at the time such angry faces… I thought to myself, they take this really seriously blah blah, but nowadays I love it, it grew to become my favorite class at the gym, and people are nice not mean 😉

A friend offered me the opportunity to get my body composition measured, of course I said yes, so will let you know the results next week.

So tonight my other half and I did one of our house dinner favorites :

Bulgur wheat with black beans and chickpeas

Ingredients :


Make a stew with the veggies, always starting the mediterranean way with garlic olive oil and onion,adding the rest after, let it cook for around 30m or until the sauce from the tomatoes reduce to a thick sauce.

I cook bulgur like a cook rice, but read somewhere that you can cook it like couscous with boiling water in a tight container.



And this is the final result! It’s easy and quick to make and totally delicious!

What are your – rice/pasta/potatoes- substitutes?

Note : Bulgur makes a healthy and quick addition to any meal because it’s 100 percent whole wheat that’s specially prepared to decrease cooking time. It’s a good source of fiber, protein, iron and vitamin B-6. Eating whole-grain foods, including bulgur, may lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.